Tuesday, June 5, 2012

.... & Me

Welcome June...Oh No!!!! Its already month 6 of 2012 and what I've been achieved?

One week without music I feel so stress. My MP3 died and no music for one week. Yes, there's got phone but the feeling of listening music thru MP3 is different from the feeling of listening music thru phone. I feel like my world is not complete without music.Although MP3 is not listed in my budget this month but since I feel so lonely without music, so today I buy a new MP3 for myself...now my life already completed....

Hahaha...this is really out of my life topic so far. But, this school holiday season, everywhere got wedding events...Facebook also busy with Wedding Pix...its like everyone busy to get married. By the way, last week, me & Sue busy helping Adibah with her wedding door gift.. Seriously it is so tiring..It is just am helping my frenz who will get married and am already tired. Can't imagine if am getting married...double double tiring...Now I understand why the word "MARRIAGE" yet to appear in my life diary. Adibah will get married on 9/6/2012. Finally, another friend getting married...Now, wait for the others to give me wedding invitation. Wedding invitation from me? Hhahaha...instead of asking me that question, it is better to ask me "are you dating someone?"...hahahhaha...confirm no answer

This is another weird thing that happen to me lately. Am just realized that when I'm stress or tension, I can finish one book less than one day. So weird right? But, in normal situation, am very lazy to read or even very very lazy to hold a book even it is a comic magazine..When I'm tension, I can sit for almost 4 hours without food or drink. Just read the book. Finish one book, then I feel refresh and can start over again...

Hihihihi...when am alone at home, TV is my very best friend. Now, am the loyal fan of a few drama that air on TV. Now, I am watching Emperatriz. Love the drama. In other word, TV is like my baby so far.

This is my favourite. Now am worried of gain so much weight again after a difficult experience of losing weight. Now, Food is always calling for me and the bad thing is I love to eat. How to control?

Hehehe...whenever & wherever I go, me is just me. All the decision related to my life is my own responsibility. No one will be blamed if am falling down and those who close to me are deserve to shared my happiness...That's why I always my love very much. No one else can love me like the way I love myself. Only me myself can color my world. All I need is support.

Thats all for this time...now I wanna copy all the song into my new mp3.....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mengapa saya suka novel ini?

Last post, I write about movie. This time, since no story about myself, lets talk about 3 novels that I read last month.

1. Hikayat Cinta by Ratu Bulan
Sama dengan first novel, Prince Charming, the subject are Sport, Pasukan Lelaki and Jurulatih Perempuan. Bezanya, Prince Charming mengenai bola sepak, tapi Hikayat Cinta berkenaan Bola Keranjang. I LOVE This Novel and recommend it to all novel lovers.
Apa yg menarik tentang novel ini:
- azam & semangat heroin novel ni nak jadi coach bola keranjang. akhirnya die berjaya jd coach.thanx to her knowledge in sport science
- well, "putus cinta sebelum bercinta"(istilah yg i reka bla i tgk org hensem then dpt tau die dah berpunya). Perempuan citer ni syok kat senior die, tp senior die da ada makwe. plus tanpa pengetahuan die, lelaki yg die syok ni sebenarnya sakit. dats y die berhenti main bola keranjang. wat so sweet bout this guy is die la yg kasi pompuan ni buku yg prempuan nie panggil hikayat cinta
-team bola keranjang yg mulanya susah nak terima die akhirnya boleh terima die...paling best team bola keranjang mereka menang
-main hero, muda dari die tp ada rahsia tersendiri..mula2 ingatkan die mmg betul2 anak org kaya tp rupa2nya die dijadikan "patung" utk selamatkan pewaris sebenar keluarga kaya tu (credit to this story line yg best)
- New method of proposing : thru Basketball...tp it takes time coz that guy tulis kat bola tu dlm bhs cina yg pompuan tu x paham plus malas nak amik kisah...

2. Mampu Mencintaimu keluaran Kaki Novel

Apa yg menarik ttg novel ni:
- Kesetiaan : Betapa Setianye Haris Safwan tgg Sarah Humairah yg blah je after mereka kawen. Dah tue bla si sarah kerja kat tmpt die, die still sembunyikan identiti yg die tu suami sarah...
- Percaya : usually dlm novel slalu jer, bla org fitnah jer, mesti si suami/isteri trus jer caya kat citer tu tanpa siasat.paling best, slalu ikut hati trus marah2 sampai taknak dgr penjelasan (real world ppon camtu)...tp dlm novel ni, the husband, Haris wpun die curiga/ curious but still die masih ada pertimbangan akal. Die percaya kat wife die, sarah & best thing die dgr citer dr smua org.
- Nice story line and enjoying especially part si husband nak g tackle wife (wife plak x tau itu husband die)

3. KEA keluaran Kaki Novel

Apa yg menarik ttg novel ini:
- Doktor & pesakit yg sengal nyer relationship. adalah bbrapa babak yg buat rasa nak tergelak
- Pengorbanan : menerima seseorg yg nak mati dlm hidup. the main character pon bertanya jgk kat diri either she accept him because she love him or because of sympathy..accepting him mean die kene bersedia seandainya the one she love leave him (tp sampai hbs citer nie, hero x mati coz die ikut cakap doktopr makan ubat ikut waktu and amalkan gaya hidup sihat)
-Family Support : x kire betapa kaya or betapa miskinnye hidup, as long as ada family everything will be fine. Thankx to Kea coz berjaya satukan mak & anak.
- Thanx to watak hero B, coz menambahkan segala perasa...dahlah hubby die tu kuat marah, si hero B nie plak buat kacau daun...xleh terima hakikat awek/tunang mati, juz because muka Kea sama mcm muka arwah awek die, die trus nak dptkan Kea...paling best, die boleh gune pix die sama awek die dulu htr kat hubby Kea and kata mereka lovey dovey couple...

Itulah novel yg i baca dlm tempoh sebulan...hehehe...
next time akan update lg utk novel lain plak...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feedback and Rating on Movie that I watched since January until May 2012

Its been a long time haven't update my blog... Hahaha..such a critical "Lazy" Virus. Nothing to update since am still enjoying the normal life. Then, let just update about my feedback on Movie that I watched for the past months.

The Avenger
My main reason watching this movie is because of Captain America. But along the way, am in Love with this Movie and its character. I think the film maker should make a movie that compromise of all superhero in one screen. Love to see the process of them to work together with each other. Come on, each of them are superhero.Of course they want to be the best among the best. I watched it 2 times (1st with my Cousin Ruby and second time with my Fren, Sue). The best movie so far. But why there's no Spiderman?... 10/10

Titanic 3D
This is the 3D version of 1997 Titanic Movie. Although I watched it many times on TV, but am still excited to watch it again at Cinema. Love the storyline. By the way, Titanic is one of best love story movie for me. 10/10.

Malay Movie. Tomok OIAM and Shikin Kamal acted for this movies. What to say about this movie. The idea was there. In fact, I love the idea of the Online Game battle environment. But, the storyline is too weak. Some of the scene should not be include. The film maker should focus more on the main subject that is the battle of the robot (Mantera)... that's why I hate when love story being included into this kind of movie. Why? Film maker more focus on the love story development instead of the main idea of the movie. 5/10

Love the idea and the movie. Since it was from Transformer production, so am watching it with high expectation. Rihanna is great with her character. The most memorable sccene is when they track the enemy using manual tracking instead of the modern technology. Love on how the veteran army assist them during the battle. 8/10

What to expect when you're expecting
Sometime, there was only 2 result for the movie who based on the novel. Either it is good or bad. Same like Eat, Pray and Love, am watching this movie because of I already read the book. I want to know how the film maker transform the novel/writing into the screen. Of coourse the other reason is because Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz in this movie. My comment: am still prefer the book. 8/10

Mirror Mirror
Julia Roberts & Snow White storyline. That were 2 reason for me to pick this movie. Another version of Snow White but still the storyline still the same except in this movie, Snow White was portray as a brave & independent women compare to the original series where she is the victim. Nice try on another angle/view of Snow White story. Love the ending song. It feel like watching a Bollywood movie. 9/10.

Am watching this movie after reading review from those who already watched the movie. If you said you not really understand the movie, I can't blame you. This is because this movie is not like a normal commercial movie. The idea is great plus the film maker know how to manage the scene and timing. Although the actors were not that popular but the story line is very good. 8/10

Underworld Awekening
This time, the main heroin got new member. Her child together with her to fight the enemy.In one of the scene that involved the daughter and the enemy, I feel like watching Ju-On ghost story. But, there might be another movie for underworld.Why? in the end of the movie, she found out that her lover still alive. 9/10

Viral Factor
Jay Chou & Nicholas Tse. Almost 80% of the movie was shoot in Malaysia. Am more excited on the action instead of the main subject of the movie. 8/10

Sumpahan Kum Kum
Just nice.5/10. I think the drama titled Kum Kum that air on TV is more better.

Adnan Sempit 2
Am watching it just for fun. Why? This is because I always keep in my mind that sometimes, the sequel might not be greater than the first movie. I still prefer the first Adnan Sempit. But, am still enjoying this second installment. 7/10

John Carter
Love this movie. The main actor so funny and love the ending on how he fake his death in order to get the thing that can bring him back to Mars and meet his beloved woman. The competition scene make me remember the Rome kingdom competition. So funny the "dog" (i call that animal dog coz I can't remember how they call it). 10/10

The Hunger Game
Love the idea. Nice performance by Jennifer Lawrence. But am still prefer the books.9/10

That's all for Movie Category. Next time will continue with Drama & Books....hahahhaha...then between that, got update about myself....

Good Morning

Friday, January 20, 2012


SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2012.... Another year coming and am still who am I now...2011 resolution? not complete and I didn't intend to carry it to 2012 because early 2011 is the painful time for me. So, I create another resolution for 2012 that seem like a child wishlist...hahhaha..I think, every year my age was increase by 1 year but my personality younger by one year....

I want to buy myself new SmartPhone. When Samsung Galaxy S2 out in the market, I want to buy it but then I keep postpone it. Another reason is, usually, when I really need to change my phone, the current phone that am using will make my life a disaster. But then, when Galaxy S2 out, my Nokia phone still okay. So, I told myself let wait for Notes. Then, when Notes available in the market, I also didn't buy it coz when I watched Korean Series, the actress using Notes and I think its too big for a lady. Then I told myself let wait for Nexus. On Friday,13/1/2012, Nexus available in the market. This time I will grab it. Why? My current phone already mess up with me.Suddenly it jam.

I want to go for a vacation oversea. My list of places this year is South Korean , Indonesia and Vietnam. If not all 3 places, at least one of the place.

I want to have pet. Am thinking either Fish or cat. But more likely it is Fish coz am living in condo and my housemate didnn't like cat.why suddenly I want to keep pet? coz am boring being lonely at home.

Do all the best in my work. Complete the task given to me and perform well. If people not recognize my effort of completing the task, this year I dont care anymore. I believe what goes around comes around.am think am more satisfy when am happy doing my job. let these people critics coz they are jealous of me. they didn't know, the more they critic, the better am I later.kekekekke

My family is top priority.they are my strength and my weaknesses.

Wish all my friends that in the couple stage 2011, will be engaged or get married in 2012. and those who already get married in 2011, wish they have new family member 2012. Actually, now confirm I will become aunty for 3 of my friend child (Hasliana, Wani and Siti Fatimah).

Live happily and always be positive.

No idea....wanna go to sleep now. so sleepy.....